d.i.y. / domestic productivity

more and more these days, i get the urge to develop "home-y" type skills - since i dont really have the opportunity right now to get my desires for larger-scale self-sufficient projects like gardening, stock raising, home building, woodlot management or things like that, i focus on the little things that i can manage myself in a flat in the city with no yard. most of the time, the colder, wetter days of winter bring it out more, but im trying to carry it through the entire year from now on, developing skills i either dont have but could use, or have let slip into dormancy.

the tools of the trade

white family rotary sewing machine
(update 18 Jul 04)
- my workhorse in the sewing department. damn fine-looking piece of furniture too

winter 2003/2004

braided wool rug
(complete 04 Jan 04)
- a rug (actually 2!) of recycled wool fabric
kasuri quilt
(update 08 Apr 04)
- a quilt using scraps of japanese fabric
lambswool blanket
(complete 30 Jan 04)
- a blanket of recycled wool sweaters
willow basket
(update 28 Dec 03)
- well, a willow basket (may actually end up being a spring project, and could even end up being a sculpture rather than a basket...)

continuing projects

harris tweed rugs
(update 13 Aug 04)
- more braided rugs, of harris tweed fabric exclusively
wool blankets
(update 25 Jul 04)
- more blankets from old wool sweaters

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