winter domestic productivity project #2: the japanese quilt

id been collecting pieces for this for a little while, but it got a bit of a kickstart when my friend mikae brought me a bunch of fabric scraps from japan to add to the little bit i already had. eventually, this should be a quilt top (and then later a quilt) made entirely from kasuri-type fabric, mostly indigo-dyed. im going for double/full size or larger. its a longer-term project, as the fabric is crazy expensive off the bolt, and so i wait for japanese friends to find me scraps at flea markets over there.

progress of the quilt:

22 Nov 2003 little bit of a start. im piecing this by machine, and then im planning to do the actual quilting, sashiko-style, by hand.
01 Dec 2003 few pieces more added - probably getting to a stopping point until i can get more fabric, cause otherwise the same patterns will be too close together.
08 Feb 2004 nothing new here, just a backdated pic of a very worn vintage fabric scrap that i picked up in town, that nicely illustrates, in some ways, the look im theoretically going for...
08 Apr 2004 heres where the plans start to change... friend just came back from japan with this load - all fabric samples from a fabric factory near her home town that was going out of business. turns out this type of fabric is one of several things the tosa region is known for... not all indigo-based, but all gorgeous! so now i have a conundrum: ive started with indigo stuff only - do i start a new quilt separate from that one, or take about the start shown above, and restart using this new material and the heavier bits from the first attempt? (theres some significantly lighter fabrics in the already-started bit). either way, i also now have a large piece of plain indigo fabric that another friend gifted me with, that i think im going to use as backing material. this whole project is really going to take shape as it goes along, and well just have to see what it turns out to be...

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