winter domestic productivity project #4: the willow basket

here we go again... well on my last trip out to my parents house in the sierras, i noticed a plethora of these really nice straight shoots of a reddish-barked willow, and thought to myself... "i know what i could do with those!" so despite not having the first clue about basketry, i of course decided to make a go at it, and teach myself.

its probably going to turn out to be more of a spring project, because the willow canes have to dry first, and then be soaked for working, but ill keep things up to date here. i think im going to buy a book or two in the coming weeks, and read up on things while i wait for the willow to dry out...

progress of the basket:

28 Dec 03 im not sure if thisll be enough to do whatever it is i decide to do, but its enough for now. some 50 willow shoots. the red color of the bark is somewhat noticeable here. of course, as soon as we started driving home, i started spotting other types of willow with other colors of bark - a nice marron, some yellow... but im getting ahead of myself...

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