recycled wool sweater blankets

once again, i got hooked. made one recycled sweater blanket, had a lot of fun, and figured id make more every now and again, and have some more fun. my typical design plan is fairly random - go to goodwill, find 10 sweaters, and see what pattern presents itself based on what you end up with.

my second blanket, the first one with any sense of pattern to it, originally made from the scraps leftover from the huge one i made for myself. this kicked the whole thing off, really...

size: 5' square
finally got around to this blanket, after several months of being sewing-machine-less. what a relief to piece it all together and stitch things up. will get a border eventually, but im undecided on color right now, as i have several batches of sweaters ready to go...

size: 5' square

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