Jack Taylor Cycles - Literature & Photographs

All literature is in Adobe Acrobat format - if you don't have Acrobat, you can download it here. Set your browser to view files with a .pdf extension with Acrobat Reader, and theyll show up, scalable, in your browser window.


There was only ever one Taylor catalogue printed, at least as far as format goes - the component listing changes a bit, and is a good reference for what came on a "stock" Taylor during a particular time period.

1950s era (.pdf, 2.6 MB)

1960s era (.pdf, 1 MB)

Price lists:

1973 (.pdf, 528 KB)

Aug 1974 (.pdf, 300 KB)

Jan 1976 (.pdf, 324 KB)

Sep 1976 (.pdf, 400 KB)

Nov 1977 (.pdf, 344 KB)

Dec 1981 (.pdf, 612 KB)

Aug 1982 (.pdf, 324 KB)

Feb 1985 (.pdf, 748 KB)

Other brochures etc:

~1950s era touring brochure (.pdf, 904 KB)

~1970s cardstock reprint of ~1930s photo of the Taylor team

~1976 brochure (.pdf, 2.1 MB)

Taylor tandem info, 1981 Bikecology catalogue (.pdf, 4.1 MB)

~1982 tandem brochure - based on Bob Freeman's article for the Tandem Club of America (.pdf, 3.3 MB)

Camper trailer leaflet (.pdf, 256 KB)

~1980s color leaflet (.pdf, 128 KB)

25 Mar 1990 letter from Jack announcing the closing of the works (.pdf, 476 KB)

early Taylor letterhead


Article, Cycling, 20 Mar 1971 (.pdf, 1.3 MB)

chapter from the 1979 book The Custom Bicycle (.pdf, 2.7 MB)

1970s era article from unknown German magazine - pictures of Taylors, text on handbuilt British bicycles - in German (.pdf, 588 KB)

Article on Quadruplet #8000, Cyclist, Dec 1985 (.pdf, 636 KB)

Article, Executive, Sep/Oct 1986 (.pdf, 2.8 MB)


Bob Freeman's photos of the Taylor shop, circa 1982

Mike Thompson's photos of the Taylors, circa 1983

some stills from the BBC documentary "The Bike Brothers", first aired 05 Dec 1986

assorted photos of the Taylors through the years

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