Jack Taylor Cycles - Photographs

These are assorted photos, from various sources, of the Taylors throughout the years, presented in rough chronological order. See the individual captions for dates and whatnot.

Jack and Tommy Simpson - 1960s

Norman driving the Taylor Race service vehicle (an Austin Champ) at the Vaux Gran Prix -1960s?

Ken, Norman and Jack - Norman brazing - Jack, Edana Salisbury, Norman and Ken - 1975 (courtesy Edana Salisbury)

Jack applying transfers - 1980s

Prince Charles' visit during the 50th anniversary year - 1986

Norman and Mike Thompson; Jack, Dave Radmore and Norman; Ken and Norman- 2004

Norman out riding his fixed gear (non-Taylor beater); Norman brazing a stem and a fork - 2004

Norman's backyard shop - 2004

Norman and Jack checking out my web site at the Stockton Library - Apr 2005

from Martin Coopland's for sale listing on the Classic Rendezvous list:

Ken Taylors' original assembly stand. A VAR stand that Ken enlarged to enable it to hold frames with under down tube bottle cages and Tandems! He asked Jack to paint and transfer it, but Jack put the transfers on up side down! It was used in the workshop from the mid 60s onwards.

Some shots of the original french (Goeland?) trailer that was the pattern for the Taylor Camper trailer.

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