ref:23 forked chainwheel bolt screwdriver; to fit "pro 3 attaches" chainring bolts ref:p23/43/83/85
ref:24 8mm t-wrench for 5-pin chainwheel bolts/water bottle cage collars
ref:33 replacement pins for ref:133 adjustable cup spanner

ref:53 replacement pins for ref:253 adjustable cup tool
ref:113 chainwheel bushing spanner for "pro 3 attaches" cranksets
ref:115 5-pin chainwheel bushing spanner
ref:130 spanner to fit bottom bracket adjustable cup ref:730
ref:132 spanner to fit bottom bracket fixed cup ref:710
ref:133 pin spanner to fit bottom bracket lockring ref:709
ref:134 15mm crank bolt wrench
ref:135 10/11mm hex wrench (note: # used twice)
ref:136/3 3mm allen wrench
ref:136/4 4mm allen wrench
ref:136/5 5mm allen wrench
ref:136/6 6mm allen wrench
ref:136/7 7mm allen wrench
ref:138 cotterless crank extractor
ref:251 grease pump for T.A. pedals
ref:253 adjustable cup installation tool for T.A. bottom brackets
ref:273 tire/tool pouch for bottle cage/seat
ref:277 tool kit pouch
ref:1800 tool kit in pouch ref:277; 12 pieces; inc: refs:24, 113, 115, 130, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136/3, 136/4, 136/5, 136/6, 136/7 and 138
ref:? hook spanner

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