As you may notice, blackbird has been pared down, quite a bit. Why? Simply put, because I simply no longer have the time or focus to go on gathering and formatting information about every little scrap of bike-geekery I get a momentary hankering for - so I trimmed this site down to the bare essentials that I can really devote some time to keeping up and improving. Don't you worry, though, all the old archives are still here, in storage. For the moment, there's not a whole lot different in actual content - I still haven't updated anything in ages - but it's on the way, I promise.

blackbird tshirts? yes indeedy!

er... well... soon. really!

bay city wheelmen
(update 01 Feb 2010)
information pertaining to this early San Francisco cycling club.
courier racing in paris 1895-1960s
(update 18 Oct 2009)
summary of my research into the critérium des porteurs de journaux and championnat des triporteurs.
pre-war cyclocross in pictures
(update 22 Sep 2007)
a ~weekly pseudo-photoblog on early cyclocross, covering the years from the turn of the century up through the end of the 1930s.
jack taylor cycles
(update 03 Jun 2007)
serial # registry, photos and history of the work of this longtime british framebuilding trio of brothers
specialites t.a.
(update 08 Apr 2006)
french manufacturer of cranks, chainrings, bottle cages, pedals, etc
morgan & wright
(update 07 Jan 2005)
a listing of products (and my collection of ephemera from) this early american bicycle tire manufacturer.
joel's rando/touring pages
(update 05 Jun 2008)
home of my diaries from various brevets and randonées, including PBP in 2003 and 2007
chainwheel sleeve
(update 12 Sep 2009)
a tattoo idea ive had in my head for a while, finally starting to come together...