Small French Framebuilders of the 30s-60s

I've been pondering this page for a while now as I've started to accumulate pictures of older french cyclotouring, randonneuring, cyclo-camping, and other bicycles. The intended focus is the broad area between the big companies of the French cycling world in this loose time period (Peugeot, Motobecane, Bertin and others that made it over to the US with enough frequency to be reasonably known here) and the big guns of the "constructeurs" (Herse and Singer), as these are covered in depth elsewhere - as well as on the oft-neglected (but rising in popularity) domain of the more populist cycles for touring, camping, randonées, and general non-racing usage. The date range is rough, and malleable, and the primary purpose here isn't completism, but the potential to offer a reference resource to anyone who might find one of these older marques and want to know more. Being as I'm starting small, there are enormous numbers of framebuilders not mentioned here, but if you've got something you feel belongs here, send pictures and any information you may have (ideally good general shots and images of any headbadges, transfers, or unique tidbits) my way - marques will be added to this listing only once I have at least one bicycle to picture.

Many of the images here have been copied shamelessly from ebay or webpages, and as I was not initially planning to do something like this, I neglected to note their sources - if you see pictures that are yours, and wish them to be excluded or credited, please let me know.


Rene Andre

Le Chemineau

Camille Dardenne

H. Derche

Ch. Garin

Goëland (Louis Moire)






J.B. Louvet

Monet & Goyon



Jo Routens


Semper (G. Collongues)

Alphonse Thomann

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