Championnat des Triporteurs - 20 Nov 1938

From Le Miroir Des Sports (France), 22 Nov 1938:

The handicap formula was favorable to Crevan, winner of the Championnat des Triporteurs

Two outsiders of the Championnat des Triporteurs. Delnef, who finished 2nd (left), no. 34, and Crevan, no. 45, who won, roll across the cobbles, surrounded by an escort of cyclists. A small boy, more enthusiastic than the other followers, on the extreme left, does not hesitate to take his turn at the front, but will not last long as the pace is quick.

The annual Championnat des Triporteurs was won Sunday by the dark horse, Crevan, who made, on this occasion, his beginnings in cycling sport. The winner, who is from Berrichon, has rolled for four years on his "tri" in the Parisian streets, but had never thought of racing.

A beginner is champion of the triporteurs; is it true that the specialists Jarousse and Legrand, that we were accustomed to seeing outclassing their adversaries, found their master? No, but as an innovation this year the formula of the race was modified with handicaps. As great imagination seems to have presided in the establishment of these handicaps, it was basically impossible for the favorites to triumph. The limitmen, among whom Crevan was, profited indeed, with 30 minutes lead on the last starters, Legrand, the record-holder of the race, winner in 1937 and Jarousse, the winner in 1936. On the course of the Tour of Paris, which comprises 39 km and whose record is 1h 11m 44s, 30 minutes lead assured victory for riders like Crevan, Delnef, Lepreux who, after a few kilometers of racing, showed that they were really able to compete with the best.

Crevan was strongest of the three, and whereas his comrades weakened in the last kilometers, he, in contrast, accelerated to cross the finishing line, on boulevard de Grenelle, with 5 minutes lead on the second, Delnef.

As for the two favourites, the first, Jarousse, was victim of a puncture, then of mechanical failure and abandoned; the second, Legrand, made the courageous race that one expected from him. He covered the distance in 1h 15m 55s, nearly 8 minutes faster than the winner, and making the best time of the day. One hoped that the record would be beaten, but it was not to be. Perhaps Legrand did not have, at the start, the drivve neccessary for such an attempt, and that is quite conceiveable, because he knew he could not win. Also, the abandonment of Jarousse, about mid-race, deprived him of an adversary which he would have battled with until the finish.

The formula of the handicaps was not satisfactory, and it would be good for the organizers to return the race next year to a mass start, whereas this time the handicaps were calculated according to the strength of the racers, which, believe us, is quite impossible when they are triporteurs, and when each year unknowns, being unaware themselves of their abilities, take part in the race for the first time.

Results: 1. Crevan, 39 km in 1h 23m 24s ; 2. Delnef, 1h 28m 24s ; 3. Lepreux, 1h 28m 47s ; 4. Solive ; 5. Zulberti ; 6. Delesse ; 7. Delval ; 8. Monel ; 9. Brustel ; 10. Gillio ; 11. Raynal ; 12. P. Legrand ; 13. Legrand (1h 15m 55s, best time) ; etc. etc.

Article courtesy of The Horton Collection.

Crevan leading out at the start on the Quai de Grenelle
Crevan after the finish
Crevan after the finish

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