Championnat des Triporteurs - 15 Nov 1936

From Le Miroir Des Sports (France), 17 Nov 1936:

A true racer, Jarousse beats Cognasson... and the record of the "tris"

At the start, the great motor of Cognasson (left) is in command, with Legrand
But the powerful Jarousse, seen here at the tunnel of the porte d'Italie, dis not hesitate to decisively take the lead.
After his victory, Jarousse is surrounded

Cognasson was until now the unconstested champion of the "tri", and each year was for him the occassion of a new victory in the critérium of the porteurs of three wheels. But it should be noted that Cognasson generally had as adversaries only courageous deliverymen, unaware of the sport of cycling as a whole. One suspected that the day a true racer lined up at the start, the reign of Cognasson would end more or less piteously.

However, this time, the "true racer" so dreaded by the "roi du tri" was presented at the beginning and, as expected, triumphed very easily, beating Cognasson and the race record. This new comer is Jarousse : he is an excellent racer who currently belongs to the club Pedale Charentonnaise (previously, I beleive, having carried briefly but well, the colors of the V C L), and local regulars know him well.

Cognasson, trusting in his great experience in the race, tried to surprise his most dangerous rivals by starting extremely fast. But Jarousse and his teammate Legrand do not allow themselves to be dropped, and, taking turns working at the lead, they succeeded in foiling unfortunate Cognasson, however encouraged by an inpenetrable horde of followers. Jarousse and Legrand undoubtedly would have arrived together at the finish, if Legrand, before the porte d'Italie tunnel, had not collided with a car. The damage, fortunately, was small, and Legrand started off again, just as Cognasson appeared. But Jarousse stayed away!... At the finish on quai de Grenelle, one could see that he had 4m 8s lead over Cognasson and Legrand and that the record of the race was well beaten. He had taken 1h 15m 8s to cover the 40 km of the course, which representes an average speed of 31.144 km/h. His machine admittedly was provided with a derailleur, but it should be noted that the tris, instead of carrying an 70 kilo load as in previous years, this time, carried 80 kilos.

Article courtesy of The Horton Collection.

From Match-l'Intran (France), 17 Nov 1936:

The finish of Jarousse, the winner, who beat Cognasson - so often the winner in this novel race - and the race record.

The Championnat des Triporteurs, run around Paris, took place, Sunday morning, with an ardent battle between Jarousse, Coqnasson and Leqrand, who finished in that order, with a big lead after having dominated the rest. From the beginning, indeed, they broke away. Seven times the winner. Coqnasson had to work extremely hard, Jarousse and Legrand being teammates. Legrand crashed and Jarousse escaped, Coqnasson, slightly delayed, did not want to pull back Leqrand who himself did not wish to pull Cognasson back... And so it is as Jarousse beat them by more than four minutes, beating, at the same time, the race record by almost three minutes. Average speed: thirty-one kilometers. With a "tri" carrying eighty kilos...

Article scan courtesy of Aldo Ross.

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