Championnat des Triporteurs - 17 Nov 1929

From Le Miroir des Sports (France), 19 Nov 1929:

Brissard wins, in 1h34m7s, the race of the triporteurs raced as a tour of Paris. The favorite, Cognaisson, crashed at the start.

The start of the tricycles: Brevard, Grippon, Le Merrer, Eluard, Verry
Grosos and Bourdin break away at the Porte de Versailles
The arrival of the victor, Brissard
On Sunday morning, the 'triporters' held their annual sports festival in the now-classic form of a race over the Tour of Paris course. As in previous years, the race achieved considerable popularity. It's a picturesque and rivetting spectacle to see these heavy, jolting machines, loaded with 65kg, fighting at speed in the midst of a crowd of cyclists on the terrible cobblestones and rutted, pot-holed streets around the ancient city walls.

The hot favourite to win this unusual and punishing race was Marcel Cognasson, the victor for the last three years. However on this occasion, after an accident at the start he was out of the running. Arriving fourth at the finish, he was disqualified for having borrowed his brother's 'trike'. In his absence, Bourdin thrust himself into the limelight, leading for three quarters of the race. But in the end, when it seemed victory was his, Bourdin suffered a severe bonk, and was caught near the line by G. Brissard of Northeast Sportif, whose return was so dazzling that race officials initially expressed doubts about the legality of his performance.

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