Championnat des Triporteurs - 15 Nov 1925

From Le Miroir des Sports (France), 18 Nov 1925:

Brissard easily wins the hard annual race of the triporteurs

From left to right, and top to bottom: The competitors in full cry - The racers crossing Courbevoie - Refuelling on the move - A daring turn - The winner is well drilled - Brissard crosses the finish line amidst the general throng
"The victor finished the 50km course (Courbevoie-Pontoise and return) in an excellent time of 1h55m"

From La Pèdale (France), 18 Nov 1925:

Brissard is Champion of the Triporteur

Biscot will give the signal to start the champions of the triporteur - at the bottom and on the left, the winner: Brissard
The annual Championnat du Triporteur was run last Sunday over the traditional course. Not only the race was interesting because the racers did not "chiquèrent", but still it obtained a certain success.

The signal to start was given to 48 competitors by the merry Biscot who was, one of donte, seriously applauded. From the start, the pace was excessively fast and, to the general surprise, the favourites were clearly dropped in the first part of the course. At the control of Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône, it was Lumine who signed in first; he was followed by Denizot and Brissard who was gaining on him, only, the second name would continue...

And to win, could we add; because, having caught Lumine, he all the more easily deposed him, as the latter had mechanical problems, from which Crausaz also profited, one of the favourites who, dropped at the beginning, returned with terrible speed and finished in second position.

Here is the classification of this race in which the machines were loaded with 65 kilos:

1. Brissard, of tris Ducoom, covered the 50 km in 1 h 55; 2. Crausaz, 1 h 59; 3. Robert M., 2 h 4; Verdeyne, 2 h 4 m 5; 5. Lumine, 2 h 4m 10; 6. Maurice M,, 2 h 9 m; 7. Tibaldi, 2 h 12; 8. De Dooy, 2 h 20; 9. Dardenne, 2 h 22; 10. Regempêche, 2 h 22 m 5; 11. Nicot, 2 h 25; 12. Parrot, 2 h 25 m 5; 13. Jude, 2 h 30; etc, etc

From Cycling (England), 27 Nov 1925:

The annual race for tricycle carriers was held in Paris last week

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