Championnat des Triporteurs - 16 Nov 1924

From Le Miroir des Sports (France), 19 Nov 1924:

Crausaz wins the annual championship of the triporteurs

The start of the 60 competitors from Courbevoie-Bezons
On their tour, the motorized "tris" take the road to Pontoise
Cognasson, in the lead at Corneilles, before his collision with a car
Crausaz and his faithful escort at Saint-Ouen-L'Aumone
Dardenne dances over the cobbles of the road to Pontoise
Lumine climbs the hill exiting Pontoise on foot
The arrival of Crausaz at porte Maillot
At one time, the market porters went from Paris to Corbeil with bags of flour on their backs. Sunday morning, for the third year, the deliverymen on triporteurs disputed their championship.

This race is not perhaps as sporting as they would like to decalre. The racers' vehicles all weighed 50 kilograms. The course was 50 km in length, and went from Bezons to Pontoise and from Pontoise to the porte Maillot. However, none of the racers reached the finish debilitated. The victor, Oscar Crausaz, covered the complete distance in 2h 2m 38s, that is, in a little near, at an average speed of 25 km/h, which constitutes a very good performance.

If one compares the accomplishment of the the old racing cyclist Crausaz, deliveryman for a bookshop, with that of Baujouan, who drove a triporteur powered by a 100cc engine, one will realize immediately that the latter only took 11 minutes less to got from start to finish. This feeble difference will be blamed on breakdowns of the engine. Can they really count in this event?

The engine, such as it is designed at present, renders enormous service. It relieves the deliveryman considerably and ensures faster deliveries. However, the owners prefer the muscular power of their employees to that of the engine.

If the success of Crausaz is emphasized, it is also fair to point out that one of the favorites, Cognasson, was eliminated while in the lead. Cognasson was victim of a theater operator, who recklessly approached his moving tricycle and overturned it by breaking its wheel.

Results for motorized triporteurs - 1. r. Baujouan, 1h 51m 33s; 2. Allain, 1h 54m; 3. A. Bonici, 2h 6m 50s

Standard Triporteurs - 1. O. Crausaz, 2h 2m 38s; 2. V. Dardenne, 2h 12m 51s; 3. M. Lumine, 2h 13m 49s; 4. H. Robert, 2h 19m 13s; 5. A. Perret, 2h 24m 48s; 6. J. Tibaldi

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