Critérium des Porteurs de Journaux - 20 Nov 1955

From But et Club/Le Miroir des Sports (France), 21 Nov 1955:

The Championship of the "roule-toujours"

The classic Championship of the Parisian Newspaper Couriers started on the rue Montmartre, center of their occupation. The 38 km paved course used the exterior boulevards. Dupont, a previous winner, started at the front.
Dominating the lofty specialists, the young Louis Saroca of Nouvelles Messageries de la Presse Parisienne, returned to the avenue Junot, where he finished 2m 35s ahead of six competitors who came to a sprint finish, with Wagner finishing 2nd on this difficult course.
Mlle. Andrée Régnier won the women's category. Each competitor used their work bicycle and carried a 15 kg load of newspapers which was exchanged for another of the same weight at the porte d'Orleans checkpoint. A heavy load!

From Miroir Sprint (France), 21 Nov 1955:

Louis Saroca, Best of the "roule-toujours"

The classic race of the newspaper couriers, disputed over a course of 38 km while carrying a load of 15 kg of newspapers, was won by the young amateur rider Louis Saroca, of N.M.P.P.. Saroca, who has won 4 races this season, triumphed in 59m 25s, ahead of Wagner, Corchia and Friedrich, 2m 35s behind. Here we see the winner on the exterior boulevards.

The start on rue Montmarte just south of rue Réaumur
Bourgeois and Belotti on the road
Louis Saroca at the finish on ave Junot
Andrée Régnier crossing the finish line on ave Junot

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