Critérium des Porteurs de Journaux - 14 Nov 1948

From Ce Soir (France), 14 Nov 1948:

The "roule-toujours" of Ce Soir beat the records

FRIEDRICH, winner ahead of CAHU and Jean PIETERS

Many Parisians had forsaken the spectacles to attend the traditional championnat des porteurs de journaux. A championship which was disputed with beautiful fury.

In spite of the presence of Prestat, who had the appearance of a favorite, of Jean Pieters, of the small Raymond Dupont, animator of the race and attacker on the boulevard Mortier, it was Jean Friederich, "porteur" of Ce Soir came alone to the top of the avenue Junot.

Behind him, his fellow members of Ce Soir had ridden race together, since Fay, Chapuis and Samson were classified in the top ten, thus obtaining victory in the team contest. Which was worth, to our "roule-toujours", a splendid drum roll from the guard... of the free commune of Montmartre.

Mme. Régnier, finishing fortieth but first of her category, made a beautiful success as well.

At the time we go to press, the last has not arrived yet. His friends await him with a funeral crown...

No pity!


1. Friedrich Jean (Ce Soir) 38 kms in 56' 20" 2. at 35", Cahu 3. at 56", Pieters 4. Rebeyre 5. Corchis 6. SANSON (Ce Soir) 7. CHAPUIS (Ce Soir) 8. Dupont 9. FAY (Ce Soir) 10. Ollivier 11. Prestat (winner in 1947[???]) 12. Gallotini 13. Balotti 14. at 3' Levez, 15. Pomarède 16. Legeay

From Miroir Sprint (France), 15 Nov 1948:

Friedrich rides everyday... and rides quickly

With a supreme effort, the "roule-toujours" Ribeyre, Fay and Chapuis finish the climb of the difficult boulevard Mortier. But the winner is not there... he is far ahead. It is Friedrich, who covered the 38 kms of the course - carrying a 15 kg load - in 55 minutes. An exploit that contributed to the success of the couriers of Ce Soir, winners of the Coupe du Grillon d'Or

From But et Club (France), 15 Nov 1948:

The newspaper couriers contested their championship this Sunday, through the heart of the capital
The winner, Jean Friedrich, at the moment he put forth the winning effort

Article courtesy of The Horton Collection.

From France-Soir (France), 15 Nov 1948:

With Friedrich and Pieters

The "roule-toujours" threw their champions a party...

The "roule-toujours" were reunited yesterday evening in the rue Réaumur, in their stronghold. Friendrich at the head, all the winners of the last championnat des porteurs received their prizes and took possession of their trophies.

This distribution took a certain amount of time, the prizes being numerous. But the "porteurs" are practical people, and to ensure the patience of the guests, the tables had been laid beforehand with good wine and cakes.

While the representatives of Ce Soir accepted the Cup Verdières, - in memory of a "roule-toujours " shot in August 1944... the veteran (50 years old) Begusseau, said "Mèdor", entrusted to us... his hopes (!)

Article courtesy of Jean Pieters.

From Route et Piste (France), 16 Nov 1948:

Friedrich beats the record of the Championnat des Porteurs de Journaux

Madame Regnier wins the women's title

Here we see Friederich crossing the finish line of the Championnat des Porteurs de Journaux, at the top of the avenue Junot

The popular Championnat des Porteurs de Journaux is one of the cycling events most relished by Parisians. Last Sunday, tens of thousands of them followed the events of the race contested all around the capital and which, especially with its imposing and crazy caravan, reminds one more than a little of what they are accustomed to see in Paris-Roubaix.

Having aided, in past years, the wins of Laroulandie (1944), Jean Lauk (1945), Ribeyre (1946) and Solente (in 1947), it was in the turn of Jean Friédérich, of E. S. Drancy, porteur for Ce Soir, to write his name in the palmares of this splendid corporate test.

Well-known in the field of the interclubs, Jean Friédérich, who, starting next Sunday, will start in all the cyclo-cross of the season, was incontestably one of the best men of this 23rd championship of the "Roule-toujours".

Beating the race record by more than one minute, the rider of Roger André arrived clearly detached at the top of avenue Junot where the finish line was.

Until then, Friédérich had been constantly at the head, controlling with an undeniable authority all the attempted escapes from Piéters, Prestat and also Ribeyre.

Mme Regnier smiles after her victory in the women's category

Like each year, it was in the last kilometers that the fate of the race was played. The climb of the boulevards Lefebvre and Mortier, the change of package at the porte d'Orleans did not bring any change in the lead group, and it was about fifteen men who found themselves at the place Jean-Jaures place.

Winner of an interclub competition this year, Jean Friédérich, who is 33 years of age, employed a gear of 48 X 18. Let us recall that the Championnat des Porteurs de Journaux is held on the outer boulevards of the capital with a load of 15 kg. of paper.

At this point remained: Fay, Piéters, Cahu, Friédérich, Ribeyre, Prestat, Sanson, Gallotini, Dupont, Oilivier, Chapuis, Corchia, Belloti and Le Menez, who crashed shortly afterwards.

On the outer boulevards, exactly at Anvers, amidst an indescribable crowd, Piéters tried a solitary escape, but Friédérich and Cahu jumped on his wheel, while Prestat, Gallotini, and Belloti were irremediably dropped.

The three leaders, continuing their effort, approached the rue Caulaincourt with more than three hundred meters in advance on the group. Friédérich, very fresh, dropped his two companions little afterwards and crossed the finish line as winner with nearly twenty seconds lead on Cahu, of France-Soir, and Piéters, handicapped by a recent angina.


1. Jean Friédérich (Ce Soir), 38 km in 56m20s, cycles Roger Andre, Tires Hutchinson; 2. Cahu (France-Soir) at 19s; 3. Pieters (N.M.P.P.) at 32s; 4. Ribeyre (Paris-Presse); 5. Corchia (Paris-Presse); 6. Sanson (Ce Soir); 7. Chapuis (Ce Soir); 8. Dupont (N.M.P.P.); 9. Fay (Ce Soir); 10. Oilivier (Vie Financ.); 11. Prestat (France-Soir); 12. Galiotini (Paris-Presse); 13. Belotti (France-Soir); 14. Le Menez (Sport-Complet); 15. Pomarède (Sport-Complet); 16. Legeay (N.M.P.P.); 17. Pasty (France-Soir); 18. Pellaton (Ce Soir); 19. Ancourt (N.M.P.P.); 20. Droscourt (N.M.P.P.); 21. Delloup; 22. Pellon; 23. Stevens; 24. Jouteau; 25. Aubaud; 26. Tixidre; 27. Bourneuf; 28. Smout; 29. Ruffroy; 30. Georget; 31. Roy; 32. Roche; 33. Paré; 34. Jacquet; 35. Bruneau; 36. Lefebvre; 37. Marcheguay; 38. Bacquet; 39. Delsaut; 40. Pavart; 41. Régnier; 42. Rémy; 43. André; 44. Marré; 45. Guillet; 46. Vannier; 47. Giraud; 48. Briy; 49. Pividi; 50. Noblecourt, etc.

Women's Category:

1. Andrée Régnier (Sport-Complet) 38 km in 1h13m35s, cycles Dupriez-Hutchinson; 2. Bacchi (N.M.P.P.); 3. Thibeauville (France-Soir); 4. Chauvel (N.M.P.P.)

Challenge René-Verdière:

1. Ce Soir (Friédérich, Sanson, Chapuis and Fay) 23 pts; 2. Paris-Presse 42 pts; France-Soir 43 pts; N.M.P.P. 50 pts

Jean Friedrich during the race
unknown racers heading south on avenue d'Iéna with the Arc de Triomphe in the background
unknown racers on blvd Lefebvre near the current Paris-Expo
Jean Friedrich at the finish on ave Junot

Jean Friedrich (center) and others during the race

Photo courtesy of Jean Pieters.

1948 ads for framebuilders Roger Andre and Dupriez capitalizing on their sponsored riders success in the Championnat des Porteurs de Journaux

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