Critérium International des Porteurs de Journaux - 20 Sep 1936

From Match-l'Intran (France), 22 Sep 1936:

The team of l'Intran at the start. From left to right: Souchard, Soulimant, Taupin, Denis, Coudrain and Tison.
The winner Coudrain, of l'Intransigeant, at the finish

The text of the accompanying article reads:

Following the exaple of Paris, Brussels has its Critérium International des Porteurs de Journaux, and Sunday, 63 racers, twelve teams, of which 4 were Parisian, contested this race over a 76 kilometer course. The victory returned, for both individual and team, to l'Intransigeant, which finished 6 of its 7 racers. Coudrain won, beating Prestat of Paris-Soir, who won in 1935, by 4 minutes. Soulimant, second last year, finished third, and in eighth place, our porteur Denis completed the triumph of l'Intran, ahead of Paris-Soir and Paris-Sports.

Thanks to Aldo Ross for this article scan!

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