Jack Taylor #

from the ebay listing for this bike:

Size along seattubes, from the center of the BB shell to the TOP of the toptube, is 19" for stoker, 21" for captain. The approx. standover heights are just over 31" for the captain, just over 29" for the stoker. The center-to-center toptube is 22" for captain, 23" for stoker. This is an early 80s, maybe late 70s Jack Taylor tandem, silver, in immaculate condition. Made with 531 tubing and CAMPAGNOLO VERTICAL (!!!) dropouts. The fork steerer is oversized and the headset is an oversized Bardon. The bike is made for 27" wheels. As far as condition of the finish, it is really really clean, with original factory "shine". There are a series of scuffs on the right side of the stoker headtube, but they don't even get to primer, and some paint was scratched off the right chainstay close to the chainring, probably from a chain that dropped in there while riding. The 531 decals are peeling a bit. The classic taylor graphics and pinstriping are in fantastic shape. There is no chrome anywhere on the bike. takes a 26 and a 26.4 size seatpost, British threading BBs, oversized headset.

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