Jack Taylor carriers

Taylor made several styles of carriers:

Handlebar bag carrier

mounts to Mafac "Criterium" cantilever bosses

Front carriers

Several different styles of light mount were made - the carrier on the left has a simple plate brazed on top, while the photo on the right shows a tab brazed at the connection point of the loop that forms the top of the carrier.The right photo also shows lowrider mounts, which were Initially patterned after Blackburn lowrider racks9. The carrier on the left also attaches to the fender with two bolts brazed to the underside of the top, rather than attaching to the fork.

Rear carriers

On the left is a fairly standard Taylor rear carrier - these (as well as the front carriers) were brazed up in bulk without the tabs that connect to the fork/seatstays/dropouts, and then custom-fitted to each frame before being stamped with matching serial #s11. The rear carrier on the left has aTaylor-made child seat integrated into it, which bolts onto tabs on what is otherwise a standard rear carrier, and is removeable.

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