Jack Taylor #7944

From the ebay listing for this bike:

Late 70Õs early 80Õs vintage Reynolds 531 steel frame Š 26Ó clincher type wheels. My guess is that JT Co didnÕt make many of these (correct me if IÕm wrong) so I guess that makes this kind of a collectorÕs item. All the parts look to be the original of the era parts: „ Suntour top mount friction shifters and derailleurs „ TA triple cranks Š 170 length „ Mafac double front brakes Š canti and U brake combo „ Mafac brake levers „ Champion rims „ Tonard Co, steel rear rack This trike is in excellent condition and doesnÕt look as though it was ridden much. And, it rides just fine. Everything on this bike works. It is a smaller size frame. Maybe a 53cm or so.

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