Jack Taylor #7844

from the ebay listing for this bike:

In 1983 I used all the money from my 21st Birthday to treat myself to a new bike frame. Jack did me a 24 inch Sports Model Frameset, welded design with Reynolds 531 Tubes, forks and stays. Campagnolo rear Fork ends and Tange headset. Finished in flambouyant blue and white. Frame number 7844. Its a good, light bike, in very good condition - there are a few chips in the enamel but no rust (its hardly ever been outside!), and in places the white cable sleeving is cracked with age. The bike is very beautiful. There are things I would still do if I was keeping it: specifically, I'd keep looking for good quality (Campag) 27 inch wheels. The 700c ones on it are Campag Omega, but they seem small. I bought them to last me until I found its 'real' wheels.  Also, the 700c ones need very long reach brake calipers, which I've fitted (no make). Campag chorus ones with the correct size wheels will be much more aesthetically pleasing. As for extras, the only thing fitted is an AGU Pasadena under-saddle bag with a spare tube in it. I also have the original receipt and brochure from Jack Taylor, which describes this model as being designed for 'fast club riding and hilly tours'. I also have some little-used cycling shoes, which you are welcome to if you are a size 12. They are spd-R(105s). Its gears are 42, 52 on the front, and 6 sprockets on the back block, neither close nor wide ratio, I don't know how many teeth.

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