Jack Taylor #7328

from the ebay listing for this bike:

Vintage Jack Taylor Tour of Britain. I've had the bike since about 1985 or so. Rides really well although it's been on hooks for the last 10 years. Some vintage parts, some newer. Here we go: TA Triple Crankser, Phil Wood BB, Campy Record High Flange Hubs, Super Champion clincher rims, Blackburn Rack, Cinelli Bar and Stem, Turbo saddle. That's the vintage side. Suntour XC rear, Shimano LX front, Dia Compe 986 brakes, Ritchey headset, American Classic seatpost, Dia Compe levers. That's the newer stuff. All is straight and true, paint is OK, some chips and a bit of surface rust, nothing major. I have a decal set for the first repaint.

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