Jack Taylor #7018

from the ebay description for this bike:

Built in 1976 by famed builders Jack Taylor. Frame serial number 7018, Reynolds 531 steel, lugged.  Well used, but well cared for and never crashed.  Very recently overhauled (cleaned, new cables, tape, hubs lubed). Size is large; seat tube is 59.5cm, top tube 57cm, wheel base length is 105cm, stand over height is 85cm. Original equipment includes: Bar: Cinelli, Derailleurs: Campagnolo Rally, Crank: Campagnolo, Front chainwheels original (double), Headset: Campagnolo, Hubs: Campagnolo (one of the quick release levers is not original; must have been lost), Seat: Brooks B.17 (not currently on bike, but I have it) Brake levers: Diacomp, Pedals: Original (can't tell the brand; probably Japanese) with Brooks metal toe clips, Original Rack, Original Water bottle cage. Replaced equipment: Rear cassette replaced in 1983-84(went to a lower low gear), Brakes: Original Universal front broke during use, had to replace both with generic, Rims: Originals just wouldn't true after awhile. Has Saturne rims (sew-ups only), Sew-up tires, brake pads, cables all replaced, of course

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