Jack Taylor #6765

From the ebay description for this bike:

66cm ST x 64cm TT 1974 Jack Taylor. Completely original except for replaced tape and chain. Bike is exactly as ordered. Sales receipts, correspondence, Price lists and catalog are all included. Excellent condition, rides great, with an surprisingly nibble yet stabel feel. If you've been riding with long stems, the crisp handling of this bike will astonish you! Brooks saddle is supple, Campagnolo Rally derailleur handles the wide TA triple and 14-32 freewheel crisply. Dual carriers and long arm MAFAC brakes, Lefol fenders, robust clincher wheels with generous clearance, make this bike suitable for loaded touring, commuting or a real showpiece! Its ride is superior to the many hundreds of other bikes I've ridden. Perhaps because of the exceptionally long top tube and short stem. This Taylor has the smoothness and resilience of steel but with an extraordinarily precise feel. Not nervous like race bikes can be but not slow steering as some tourists are. This bike is just over 30 pounds as shown. In comparison to contemporary bikes, I'd say it is about the same weight as other top end tourists, but with better ride comfort and handling.

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