Jack Taylor #6276

from the ebay listing for this bike:

It is of "double diamond" frame design constructed (of course)of top quality Reynolds steel tubing using the lugless fillet brazed construction typical of many Taylor bikes. It has an oval 'drainpipe' or bottom tube. The frame features braze on down tube shifter bosses, pump pegs (one of which is broken off), two bidon cage mounts and double eyelets on front and rear dropouts. Original parts include rear rack, stoker stem, Stronglight headset, Mafac cantilevers, Universal brake levers, TA tandem crankset. Other parts are later replacements I believe. The crankset and cables have been removed for inspection of the frame and bottom bracket bearing surfaces - I can find no cracks in the frame and the BB condition is as new. All four cups and both spindles are marked TA. The crankset has all correct dustcaps and bolts. The Taylor brothers rear rack and stoker stem are both chrome plated and the stem will polish up really nicely. There are Campagnolo vertical dropouts on the rear with 120mm rear spacing. The attractive yellow paintwork is in good condition and the Jack Taylor trademark double box lining is on all the tubes. There are "Mondrian" style decals (all in poor condition) on both seat tubes, the down tube and head tube. The dimensions are: Captain seat tube centre to top 57cm; Stoker seat tube centre to top 51.5cm; Captain top tube centre to centre 58cm; Stoker top tube centre to centre 59cm; Captain stem length 11.0cm; Stoker stem length 9.5

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