Jack Taylor #6116

from the ebay listing for this bike:

1970 Jack Taylor Clubman. Lugless Reynolds 531 steel construction. I recently purchased this bike from someone who had it sitting in thier garage, under a tarp since the early 80's. It was never stored outdoors therefor has no rust on the frame or any of the parts (well maybe some light rust speckles on the pedals, but as you see in the picture it comes off quite easy). For a 36 year old bike the paint looks good. It's hard to see in the pictures, but this paint job has the very attractive box striping that is in good condition. Only problem is the a good part of the original decals have flaked off over time. There is no damage to the frame anywhere. Only paint chips here and there. If I were to keep this bike, i don't think i would restore the paint at all, out of respect for it's history. It looks nice as it is. All the components are the original Campagnolo Nuovo Record group that the bike was built with. It's equipped with bar-end shifting. Cinelli Bars and stem. Nuovo Record seatpost. The hubs are vintage (70's) Phil Wood's with Mavic rims. The brake levers are Universal (I just recently replaced the hoods with NOS Universal gum hoods.) The Brakes calipers are side pull Wienmann 730. For a tourer this bike rides and handles amazing. It is in great working condition. I'm already sad to get rid of such a cool piece of cycling history, but i'm hoping it will find someone who appreciates it just as much.

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