Jack Taylor #5453

From the eby listing for this bike:

Common Questions & More Information Actually a 1965 Model based upon more info Measurements: Captain 22 Stoker 20 Top Tube for Captain 22 Top Tube for Stoker 19 to middle of handlebar 23 to Captain Seat Tube 27 40 spoke wheels Reynolds 531 butted tube construction Serial Number 5453 Condition: Nothing wrecked, bent, or otherwise trashed. Stored in Oregon with typical humidity making chrome have some pitting and rust spots on the paint. To get to a like new condition would need re-chrome and re-paint Have not tried to restore as rubbing out the paint can also eliminate decals, stripes etc. Dealer recommends all new cables Have not cleaned, washed, or anything based upon dealer's recommendations not to make anything non-original

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