Jack Taylor #4603

From the for listing for this bike:

This is a high-end $1,800. plus bike. I had a knee surgery shortly after building it so, it only has 56 original miles on it and is in excellent condition. It is a Jack Taylor Tandem, lugless 22" Reynolds 531 alloy frame with a Phil Wood bottom bracket connecting tube. The workmanship  and attention to detail is spectacular. It has a "TA" alloy, triple chain-ring crank set,  6-speed rear cluster, Stronglight head-set, alloy stems and seat post, Suntour Superbe Tech derailers, Shimano cantilever brakes and 600 series pedals. The wheels are on Campagnolo record hubs, Wobler Super-Champion #58 rims with Specialized 27,1/8" Touring II tires. The wheels alone are forth the starting price. There are a few very minor nicks in the paint from over the years spent in my garage. In my last move the handlebars, brake and gear levers were lost, so you can add what ever style you wish to make it perfect for your riding pleasure.

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