Jack Taylor #4296

Looks to be almost original apart from mudguards carriers and front mech. The rims are Weinman 271/4. Mafac brakes. Brooks saddles, French Cyclo rear mech, Stronglight crossover chainset. Front hub Airlite. Rear hubbrake looks French. JT stems. bike was supposedly originally bought at the Earls Court show (1965? where it was on display) and collected at the end of the show.

From the ebay listing for this bike:

Offered for sale is a 1962 Jack Taylor Touring Tandem in original unrestored condition. I have checked with Norman Taylor who confirms he made the bike which was finished on 24 August 1962. The Taylor brothers built their bikes in a very continental style and were of top quality. The frame size is 22/21 inch with 23 inch top tubes. Just about all the paint, transfers and lining is still in good condition for its age. Most of the parts too seem to be correct, apart from the front mech which is a modern replacement. The parts are as follows: crankset Stronglight "depose" (only) crossover chainset with triple ring. Maxi rear hub, small flange Airlite with 27 1/4 Weinmann flat base rims. French Cyclo brazed on rear 5 speed mech. Mafac tandem cantis with one double tandem lever. Lefol mudguards (replacements). Taylor stems front and back (surface rust). Unknown bars but look to be originals. Brooks saddles. Lyotard front pedals. Brampton b8s on the rear. The bike will need some cleaning and is not in perfect condition but it is far too good to need refinishing.

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