Jack Taylor #3315

from the ebay description for this bike:

Classic 1950's "Jack Taylor" Tandem Frame. This frame is made from Reynolds 531 tubing and is still true. It has been professionally re-painted and is therefore not 100% original, the original colour was a dark green. It has suffered a few bumps and scratches over the last few years and would benefit from another re-spray. It comes complete with front forks, however the head set is a bit on the worn side the bottom brackets are however serviceable. The frame also has integral tubing for wiring making it easier for electrical wires to be routed through.

Serial Number "3315" Rear end replaced as it only had lugs for the old Cyclo type Gears. Whole rear triangle renewed with Campag fork ends. Replaced by Bill Hurlow, who was a frame builder in Herne Bay, Kent.. Overall condition, say 6. But frame is true. No dents, some rust where frame has been scratched. It is a welded frame - no lugs.

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