Jack Taylor #2623

From the owner:

"I bought my Jack Taylor, #2623, as a bare frame in 1989. The seller was a collector whose garage had got too full. He didn't do me any favours on price. It's 22.75 inches C-to-C, and is refinished in plain black with "Mondrian"-style decals. I built it in an approximately period style, with sprints and tubs. But for some reason I could never quite get comfortable with it. I later rebuilt it as a "roadster" that would be easy for me to use after a spell in hospital, using more or less anything that came to hand. I had a crash recently and bent the front fork, so it was replaced with the off-the-shelf cro-mo item seen in the pix. The wheels were also EOL'd so I got Alan at Whisker Cycles of Goff's Oak to build some new. 27-inch rims are hard to find but they had some, a Taiwanese brand called Jet. Alan built them on to a pair of cheap but rather good Suzue gear/fixed hubs with solid large flanges, like the expensive Miche track ones. The old 19-tooth freewheel and 18T fixed cogs were reused. The chainset is a Mavic copy of Campagnolo Pista, with a Dura-Ace black 52T track ring mounted. Nice! The bars are SR roadster and the stem is also SR, about 12cm, bought from the bargain bin at FW Evans. The brakes are some old Mafac centre-pulls I took off an abandoned wreck. With good pads they work surprisingly well on the new rims but you sure can't ride as close to the edge in traffic as on a modern bike! It would surprise me if anyone else were using one of these bikes for daily traffic jamming."

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