Specialites T.A. timeline

Along the lines of Chuck Schmidt's Campagnolo timeline, I've decided to start work on this (hey, if I'm going to start cataloguing, I may as well be comprehensive, eh?) project. I'll be including advertisements and catalogue covers to help illustrate the timeline. Again, plenty of room for addition, as should be readily apparent... But as time goes by, it'll expand...


company founded by Georges Navet


some early T.A.? chainwheels and "adapteur" from the tdF bike of an unknown rider.


Bobet becomes French champion using "randonneur" chainwheels and "adapteur".

the first T.A. ad to appear in "le cycliste", a monthly magazine devoted to randonneur-style touring. advertises chainwheels in double and triple sets with 26-60 teeth, for both 3-arm and 5-pin cranks


this one ran erratically throughout the early 50s - advertising chainwheels of various descriptions, adapteurs, and freewheel "crowns"(cogs, perhaps?). pictures an adapteur for "randonneur" pattern chainwheels.


Coppi wins the Tour De France using "criterium" chainwheels and "adapteur"; Robic takes a stage win using "randonneur" chainwheels and "adapteur"; Bartali uses custom T.A. 4-pin chainwheels (a variant of these can be seen at Bartali's feet on pp. 30/31 of Philippe Brunel's An Intimate Portrait of the Tour De France)

pedals shown at the Paris salon


Bobet wins the Tour de France and Lorono takes the climbers' jersey, both using "criterium" chainwheels and "adapteur"; Koblet enters riding a 3-pin "adapteur" on Nervar cranks

1-piece dural cleats and 3-pin to "criterium" "adapteur" shown at Paris salon


Bobet wins the Tour de France using "criterium" chainwheels and "adapteur"


early type downtube water bottle cage introduced


Gaul wins the Tour on chainwheels produced by Magistroni under licence from T.A.; Geminiani takes 3rd, having used a T.A. track ring for the 23rd stage


"criterium" crankset introduced


cable guides, bottle cages, botle lids, cleats. cranksets, adapters, cranks in duralumin. deliverable in all increments from 160-180mm in steps of 2.5mm.


"pro 5 vis" crankset introduced

cranks, chainwheels, adapteurs, cleats, water bottles and cages, cable guides.


water bottles and cages, cleats, and the appearrance of the "pro 3 attaches" crankset. also the first time the 25 rue de la gaite, clamart address (where T.A. is to this day) appears.


cranks, bottles, "topettes" (small flasks for energy drinks etc) cleats, etc.


catalogue cover - ref:147 "isol" water bottle and ref:365/ref:368 seat post binder bolts introduced


ref: 3900 alloy headset introduced


fifi gets a body... official bottle of the tdF, etc


fifi's been working out... "world champion of lightness"! aluminum cranksets and bottle cages, official water bottle of the tdF, "isol" water bottles.

"fifi" with a crown of chainwheels - "custom cranksets".


Tevano products start appearring in magazines

"3-pin and 5-bolt custom aluminum cranksets"


"1 million combinations, the choice of connisseurs, always in stock"


catalogue cover

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