Typical chainwheel markings

Older T.A. chainwheels have the old-style logo and the "cegedur duralumin forge" oval (the mark of the aluminum manufacturer's association, Cegedur) stamped on one side, and...

...the tooth number, along with "made in france" (as a single stamp) stamped on the reverse.

More recent chainwheels have the later T.A. logo on the outer side...

...and the tooth number stamped in between the "made in" and "france" (separate) stamps on the inner. Also shown here is the "3" stamping typical of T.A. 1/2" x 1/8" track chainwheels, indicating the approximately 3mm thickness of these chainwheels, to differentiate them visually from the thinner 1/2" x 3/32" chainwheels.

The newer T.A. logo appears to have come into use around the same time as the "criterium" crankset (ref:1500) was introduced, roughly around 1960, as I've never seen or heard of a "criterium" crankset with anything other than the new logo. It's safe to assume, I beleive, that any T.A. component with the old logo is likely to be 1950's or earlier.

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