ref:200 - front rack; to fit mafac centerpulls racer etc; chrome steel

This rack appears to have changed slightly over the years, from the earlier version shown above, with more deeply dropping supports, and eyelets out on the rack, to the more commonly-seen version below. I'm not sure when the transition occurred, and in fact haven't ever seen one of the former in real life, but the image is from a catalogue of T.A. goods, and is a Rebour drawing, so I'm assuming it's a valid representation.

I've seen racks (below) that differ from the above images only in that the tabs for mounting the rack to the pivot bolts of the centerpull brake are aligned 90 degrees from where they are typically. These racks do not have any sort of stamping that would identify them positively as a T.A. product, but are virtually identical, and may well be a slight variant produced by T.A.

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