"Pro 5 vis" chainwheel bolt sets

There are several different bolt sets available for attaching various chainwheel sets to T.A. "pro 5 vis" crankarms, with a variety of different washer and bushed nut sizes. If one is assembling a chainwheel set, and doesnt have a handy packet of ref:86/7 or whatever you need, it's good to know what length bushed nut and thickness spacer youll need for your application.

Bolts and washers are simple - the washers are always the same, and bolts are always 8mm hex bolts with 1cm of thread, with either flat or "acorn" heads (with the exception of the "rattrap' chaine" bolts, which are discussed on the main page.

The bushed nuts come in several different forms, outside of their various sizes - they may be slotted for chainwheel spanner ref:115, flat and unmarked, w/4mm allen key fitting and stamped with T.A. logo, or w/5mm allen key fittings. The 5mm allen key fittings are indicative of later T.A. chainsets.

Bushed nuts come in a variety of different lengths, to accomodate the various chainwheel sets available through T.A..

Spacers come in several different thicknesses, again to accomodate the range of chainwheel setups.

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