21-25 Aug 2011

09 Jul 2011

Well, it's all official on their end - I'm rider # 4434. now to get all these ducks in a row so i can pull this whole trip out of thin air, cause I've got a bike in need of an overhaul, some gear to procure, and a whole passel of money to come up with by the 10th of next month!

09 May 2011

DONE. 600k, 38 hours, intermittent rain and clear skies. A beautiful ride, recovering quite handily, and now it's just a matter of waiting for that June 17 open registration date!

17 Apr 2011

400k down, 24h24m - bad weather, but good recovery. I feel better than I did post-300k, despite the fact that I know I'm more tired out. Less sore and stiff, certainly. One more to go...

27 Mar 2011

300k down, in 2nd fastest time ever. If I in fact make it to PBP this year, I am going to be nervous whenever someone asks me about my training regimen...

13 Mar 2011

Early notes:

#1 - Apparently I'm on some plan in which I prepare less, and more sloppily, for each sucessive PBP. I'm headed into this year's qualification brevets having not done ANY distance of note since 2008. Oops.

#2 - As a result of last year's sheer laziness, I have denied myself any preregistration chances afforded in this first year of registration quotas, which leaves me with some trepidation as to whether or not I'll even get a spot for PBP, despite reassurances from various people that it likely won't be an issue.

That being said, my 200k went down swimmingly - clocked 11h10, which is right on target. It seems muscle memory, lifetime base mileage, and sheer stubborness count for something.

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