100km populaire
Hillsboro - Snoozeville - Banks - Forest Grove - Hillsboro, 08 Mar 2008

Some pics from the ride:

Ah yes, the first easing-into-the-season populaire of the year. And man what a turnout! A huge mass of us headed out of the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse at 8, with the usual immediate breakup into fast and not-fast. Beaut of a morning, though the clouds moved in a bit more later on in the day. Snoozeville is always a good mellow ride - no real climbing difficulties (the worst of it is that kick up Stafford Rd from Hwy 6 about 2/3 of the way through), just nice rolly stuff the entire time.

True to form, I was loving the 48t and crossover the entire way. Best gearing adjustment I've ever made, if you ask me. Somewhere in there, though, the front of my left knee started to hurt, but then went away. Thanks to my right big toe still grumpy from PBP, though, it was in a bit of pain (I now must get new touring shoes. This simply will not do.), which meant the back of my left knee is still cranky about things, thanks to some non-standard pedalstrokes for about half the distance.

But the distance went well, regardless. Blazed through most everything, with only moderate amounts of lollygagging at the Fern Flat control, and substantially less time at Maggie's in Forest Grove. Pulled through back to Cornelius at about 13h12 or so, giving me a time of 5h12, which means my riding time was likely down around 4 hours! Not too shabby. I'd know more for certain if my computer weren't on the fritz, and cutting in and out with unpredictable regularity.

Stopped with the gang for food and drink at the Roadhouse, and then took pity on the toe and took the MAX home. A good start to the season, but definitely inauspicious in the toe department. New shoes will have to happen soon, cause that just ain't gonna fly for a 200k, unless my toenail finishes growing back faster than it is. Grrr.

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