Magistroni - 3-arm crankset w/ long fluting

3-arm, 116mm bcd, with or without cutouts in the arms, and fluting the entire length of the crankarm face.

Commonly found with Magistroni chainwheels, as shown above, but also other makes, such as the Simplex chainwheel set shown below left, and the Gnutti 1" x 3/16" track chainwheel below right.

While these cranks typically came with the Magistroni "circus tent" engraving, as shown on the cranks above right, it is common to find cranks of this pattern engraved with other manufacturer's marks, as Magistroni supplied stock equipment to many a framebuilder in those days. Above left is shown a crankset with "Atala" in an oval just below the crank spindle. Below left you may just be able to make out the logo of "FB", a manufacturer more known for their steel-center alloy hubs, and, while not visible in the photo, the cranks below right, with a Magistroni single chainwheel, are engraved "Fiorelli"

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