framebuilding tools

By 1900, moving beyond the range of tires and associated products, M & W produced a selection of tools and products for the shop offering more substantial repair services, and for small manufacturers, mostly focused on brazing and enamelling equipment:

repair shop tools

there were a variety of tools destined for bike shops, most of which were concerned with repair of tires, casings and innertubes:

other accessories, tools and sundries

besides tubes, tires, repair kits and tools for bicycle shops, the m & w catalogue included a host of related bicycle products under the m & w name. each catalogue also featured a number of other manufacturers products as well, but im concerned only with their own products for this listing. most of these products had something to do with tires, though there are exceptions. also, being a general rubber manufacturer before beginning to focus on bicycle tires, m & w also had a variety of other rubber bicycle products.

products of other companies sold through M & W catalogues

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