tire repair kits and contents

the first m & w tire repair outfits were larger kits, designed to take care of everything from innertube punctures to sidewall cuts, and contained cement, casing thread, rubber sheet for patching, casing patch material, and canvas for protecting the casing threads from the metal valve.

the later (post-1896) quick-repair kits came out in several variations, many of which were different from that pictured in their catalogues, and there is even variation within the types shown here. i'm not positive of the chronological order of the different kits, or the evolution of the design of the needle plug/cement nozzle, but i am presuming that the cement nozzle and needle plug each shown here as "version 2" were the final versions, as they are the ones shown in all m & w literature. i'm also fairly confident that the order of the tin designs used here is chronological as well, as the "version 1" tin is marked "patent applied for" while the latter 2 have the patent date for the cement injector, while the "version 3" tin matches those shown in catalogues most closely.

after the general release of the quick-repair tires, m & w still had available the standard double- and single-tube tires, in select models, and made available with each pair a repair kit much like the quick-repair kit, but with different design and contents.


instruction booklet
rubber patch material
rubber solution
thread and needle
tire tape

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