advertising knick-knacks

lapel stud
brass watch fob (logo only)*
brass watch fob (logo on spool background)
brass watch fob (logo on wheel background)*
nickel plated watch
vulcanite match safe*

advertising copy

1893 - April 1894

"patent pneumatic tires..."
"economical. servicable. popular."
"facts and figures count"
"what rider can show better mileage?"

April 1894 - 1898

the ads below ran in weeklies like "bicycling world", "the l.a.w. bulletin", and just about every other cycling publication of the day. every now and again, an ad strayed slightly from this format, but in general, m & w kept to this trademark copy style.

"$50 in gold.." (contest)
"65 out of every 100 wheels built in '96 have the morgan & wright quick repair tire"
"ask dealers and riders what our guarantee means"
"concerning speed" (records held by m & w tires)
"heres johnnie johnson - he rides them fast"
"easy to distinguish our quick repair tire its stem is red..."
"our s2 tire weighs 1 1/2 pounds"
"our track tire is j-u-s-t a little the nicest you ever raced on"
"racing men say our rubber toe clip is 'the best thing that ever happenned'"
"they hold..." (records held by m & w tires)
"your name is valuable to us"
"long distance records on m & w tires"
"catalogue tells all about our quick-repair tire - our standard for 1896"
"its stem is red - another meaty story"
"morgan & wright tire repair shops"
"a simple tire repair"


"stop your skidding..."


circa 1895 photograph of an unknown team rider (john lawson?)
1890s large advertising card of h. e. fredrickson*
1890s large advertising card of b. b. bird*
1896 cabinet card of willam de cardy*

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