What's new on this page? (09 Apr 2006)

Another cataloguing project. I've been grabbing all these images of Herse's house-made bits for his bikes for some time now, and was just going about organizing them, and in the process figured that if I was going to do that, I may as well make a web page out of it... so here we are. I'm not going to cover Herse bikes or frames here, just the interesting little bits that are part of what makes a "constructeur" unique amongst framebuilders.

As always, if you have anything to add, contact me. Thanks to Grant Handley and Scott Davis for selling so much of this stuff on ebay so I could grab all the pictures!

cranks and related items

1st type crankarms (recessed "r. herse" stamping; plain arms; take 1st type chainwheels)
2nd type crankarms (recessed "r. herse" stamping; grooved arms; take 1st or 2nd type chainwheels)
3rd type crankarms (raised "r. herse" stamping; take 2nd type chainwheels)
1st type chainwheel (rounded around bolt holes; for 1st or 2nd type crankarms)
2nd type chainwheel (squared off at bolt holes; for 2nd or 3rd type crankarms)
1st type crank bolts (1950 - 16mm; one right-hand thread, one left-hand; only fit early type RH SKF bottom bracket)
2nd type crank bolts (1960s/70s - both right-hand thread)
1st type dust caps (1946 - steel)
2nd type dust caps (alloy)
SKF bottom bracket
crank removal tool

stems and related items

quill type road stem
tandem stoker stem
normal type stem bolts
long type stem bolts (for mounting bag support)
non-threaded (early) type stem cap
threaded type stem cap

racks and related items

1st type small front rack (squared front); centerpull mount
1st type small front rack(squared front); fork mount
2nd type small front rack (rounded front), centerpull mount
2nd type small front rack (rounded front); fork mount
rear rack
stem mount handlebar bag support for RH stems
stem mount handlebar bag support for single-bolt stems ("Federal" and other models)
bolts for mounting rack to centerpull brakes. 10mm and 8mm

brakes and related items

1st type cantilever brakes
2nd type cantilever brakes
1st type brake straddle cable pulleys (1940s; larger pulley wheel)
2nd type brake straddle cable pulleys
straddle cable
brake levers modified to pull 2 cables

lighting and related items

dynamo actuation lever, for mounting on seat binder bolt, (~1950)
brass collar for "eclairage sans fils"
floating steerer tube contact plug for "eclairage sans fils"
modified JOS type FU taillight for seat tube mounting

hubs and related items

modified Maxi-Car hubs, "grandes flasques"

derailleurs and related items

front derailleur
eccentric lever for cyclo rear deralleur

other small bits

seat post
seat binder w/alloy 10mm nut, both serrated washers, and original cable hanger
reinforcement for rear fender mount at brake bridge

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