Umberto Dei 1933 mod. route

Headset: Agrati?, bulge-formed, races mounted in the frame
Bottom bracket: "U.Dei" (Magistroni)
Chainset: U. Dei, fluted on three sides (Magistroni?)
Brakeset: FMV Sport Eco Tipo 33
Gears: Vittoria Margerita (Tipo Giro di Francia) without chainstay clappers (approximately 1933 vintage)
Saddle: Aquila with Aquila saddle clamp
Bars and stem: Super Azur (possibly replacement)
Front Hub: U. Dei
Rear Hub: FB
Rims: Ash wood, 700c

Seat tube: 54.5 cm c/c
Top tube: 57.5 cm c/c
BB height: 25 cm
Wheelbase: 107.5 cm
Fork rake: ~7.5 cm

Closeup of the classic Dei logo headtube decal.

Detail of the integrated headset races, now coming back into fashion, 70 years later....

Front and rear hub details. The bits on the forks are for mounting mudguards. Note the wingnuts and double-sided rear hub, with fixed cog on one side, and 3-speed freewheel on the other.

Vittoria Margherita gear changer, an early racing derailleur. You can see the tensioning arm in the photo at the top of this page. The chainwheel, and the cranks themselves, are most likely Magistroni-made - the chainwheel is a typical Magistroni pattern. On the left is a detail of a clever oiling mechanism - a reservoir in the seat tube is filled with oil before a ride, and when the chain gets too dusty (remember, dirt roads...), the arm (which is actually a spout/valve) is flipped down from its normal upright position, allowing oil to drip onto the chain. Pretty neat little device...

Closeups of the left side bb shell, showing the lubrication port so common to bikes of this period, and the "DEI MILANO" stamping on the crankarm.

Seat cluster detail showing the typical lugs of the day.

Thanks to Steven Maasland and Ray Homiski for pictures of and information on this bike.

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