Critérium des Porteurs de Journaux - 04 Nov 1956

From Miroir Sprint (France), 05 Nov 1956:

The newspaper couriers also have their champion

Sunday afternoon the classic championship of the newspaper couriers was run. Departing from the Montmarte-Réamur intersection, the "roule-toujours" were to head to the exterior boulevards, make a tour of Paris, and find themselves back in front of the Moulin de la Galette. Bernard Carré escaped on the difficult climb of the boulevard Lefebvre and could not be caught, and with the applause of the crowd massed under the trees of the avenue Junot, passed the finish line as the winner, having covered the 38 km in 1 h 38 s (average speed 37.328 km/h).

Here are the results:

1. Bernard Carré (Sport-Complet) 38 km in 1h 38s (average 37.328 km/h) 2. Sorocca (NMPP) 1h 01m 02s 3. Malcuit (Sport-Complet) 4. Bourgeois (Sport-Complet) 1h 01m 46s 5. Pommarede 1h 01m 50s

In the team rankings, the team of Sport-Complet carried it. Among the women, of which their were 3, Mme. Régnier triumphed.

Article courtesy of The Horton Collection.

From Le Miroir des Sports (France), 05 Nov 1956:

Bernard Carré et Mme. Andrée Régnier, champions of the "roule-toujours"

B. Carré won the classic Championship of the "roule-toujours" of the capital on Sunday
Mlle. Andrée Régnier, for her part, carried off the women's category brilliantly

Article courtesy of The Horton Collection.

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