Critérium des Porteurs de Journaux - ?? ?? 1953

From France-Soir (France), ?? ?? 1953:

The "roule-toujours" will dispute their Championship tomorrow

From the rue du Croissant to the Butte Montmartre, while passing by the outer boulevards, Parisians will be able to assist tomorrow with unrolling of the Champoinnat des roule-toujours, those acrobatic and untiring cyclists, with their always colorful and often racy chatter.

With a load of 15 kilos, the competitors (men and women, for there will be three "coursières" at the start) will have to cover 36 kilometers and will try to put in difficulty the record of Jean Friederich: 56' 20".

In the list of the 76 registrants, we find the names of Friederich, Verdier, Vittipier, Baccon, Dupont, Stevens who appear to have the best chance.

We will grant however to Pierre Vittupier the favor of the forecast, the porteur of the royal blue jersey being especially prepared.

Whoever the winner, the Championnat is ensured a large sucess.

Techinical details: Departure 15 h., at the corner of the rues Montmartre and Réaumur. Finish: behind the Moulin de la Galette.

Itinerary.: faub. Montmartre, place Blanche, Clichy, Terns, Etoiles (cont.), av. d'Iena, av de Versailles, viaduc d'Auteuil, portes de Versailles, Orléans (changement de paquet), Italie, Ivry, Charenton, Dorée, Vincennes, Montreuil, Lilas (control), Pantin, av. J.-Jaures, place Stalingrad, carrefour Barbès, place clichy, rue Caulaincourt, av. Junot.

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