Critérium des Porteurs de Journaux - 12 Oct 1952

From But et Club/Le Miroir des Sports (France), 13 Oct 1952:

Friedrich champion of the "roule-toujours"

The "roule-toujours" have contested, through Paris, their annual championship. Here we see them, loaded, at the start.
J. Friedrich, who has already won several times, finishes 1st.

From Miroir Sprint (France), 13 Oct 1952:

Friedrich, No. 1 of the "roule-toujours"

The championship of the newspaper couriers unrolled across the arteries of the capital Sunday. The victory was obtained by Jean Friedrich, courier for the newspaper Ce Soir, ahead of Prestat. Dupont, winner last year, tried to sprint in the end, but could not prevent the new champion from getting away.

Jean Friedrich crossing the finish line on ave Junot
A racer who crashed near the start
unknown racer in the lead in the Bois de Bologne
unknown racers
Start of the women's and injured classes, rue Montmarte just south of rue Réaumur
Jean Friedrich with La Houppa
Jean Friedrich with La Houppa
Jean Friedrich with La Houppa

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