Critérium des Porteurs de Journaux - 18 Feb 1934

From Le Miroir des Sports (France), 20 Feb 1934:

Hébert, fastest of the newspaper couriers, is disqualiied, to Jamin's profit

The racers of the Critérium des Porteurs de Journaux pass along Boulevard de Ménilmontant
Hébert finished 1st, but was disqualified
"The kiosk merchant encourages his favorite courier"
Jamin is completely surrounded at Place du Tertre
Who could think, seeing every day the porteurs de journaux quietly fulfilling their work, depositing here and there small packets of the latest editions, that these pleasant "roule-toujours" have indisputable athletic means in their power, and are able of performing, on their work machine loaded with 15 kilos of paper, true sporting feats?

Every year, however, on the occassion of the Critérium des Porteurs de Journaux organised by our fellow paper l'Intransigent, they have the chance to change their allure, to show their well-known skill. The street is theirs. In reality, it is no small thing, as they are preceded, accompanied and followed by a innumerable troop of cars and more or less official motorcycles, which delay some competitors... and assist others.

Finally, since the race is composed of a large circle of 20 kilometers, including numerous arteries of central Paris, controls are difficult, one can surely count on the fingers of one hand - we are not exagerrating - those who did not take shortcuts on Sunday. In this 9th Critérium, the competitors have become so entangled that it will be no longer possible to hold the race on the current course.

Of 205 entrants, 172 were at the start on rue Réaumur. All of them look smart in their new white, green and blue jerseys. Faubourg Montmartre and rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette were burnt up in the sprint, but at Place de Cluchy the peloton was still compact. Without slowing down a moment, threading along as they know how, avoiding the crossroads at the illuminated outer edge of the city, the porteurs were soon at the Porte Maillot.

At the Avenue de Sufferen, the lead looked as follows: Gravisse, Lecomte, Jamin, Dutot, Petit, Auchère, Texidre. These seven had maintained the lead the whole time. At Pont du Bercy, one sees Hébert, but clearly distanced. By what miracle came another group of competitors, at Place de la Nation, to join the seven leaders? Only they know. How did Hébert rejoin the leaders? Another mystery. Anyhow, it was Hébert, at Place du Tertre, who preceded Jamin.

Naturally, there was complaint after complaint. And finally, Jamin, who won last year, was placed first, in 47m 42s, in front of Aucheré, Dutot, Tison, Couturier, Chimberg, etc...

From Match-l'Intran (France), 20 Feb 1934:

Critérium des Porteurs de Journaux - Here we see a view from the office windows of l'Intransigeant of the popular race that animated the Parisian Sunday. Inset: on the left: Auchère; on the right: Jamin, 2nd and 1st.

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