Critérium des Porteurs de Journaux - 08 Feb 1931

From Le Miroir des Sports (France), 10 Feb 1931:

Tissot is, this year, the best of the cyclo-porteurs

The rapid start of the cyclo-porteurs at rue Reamur
At Maillot, the racers jettison a part of their load
The lead group, avenue de Sufferen
The finish of Tissot, Place du Tertre
Every year, while following the adventures of the Critérium des Porteurs de Journaux, one makes a prayer that the test organized by l'Intran and l'Echo des Sports is not marked by a grave accident. To last, through the serpentine 27 kilometer course through the streets of the capital, in the wake of the intrepid "roule-toujours", whose audacity and incredible skill will never cease to amaze us, is to live one hour of veritable nightmare! You have no idea, in effect, of the tumultous obstruction caused by the enormous crowd gathered to watch, and the innumerable vehicles which attempt to follow the uplifting effort of the competitors. On their heavy work machines, loaded with a cumbersome packet of newspapers weighing 15 kg., the cyclo-porteurs, zig-zagging in all directions, threading with incredible agility between cars, the 27 km course which is imposed on them takes an incredible form.

The battle, Sunday morning, was particularly severe, and contrary to previous years, no competitor decisively dispatched their rivals before the finish. It was only in the last hundred meters, in effect, that the athletic Etienne Tissot (Paris-Sport) took a 5 meter advantage from his teammate Lenoir, Dutot and Jamin, covering the 27 km in 59m 31 1/5 sec. The team of Paris-Sport won easily the challenge of Petit Parisien; Gosset won the injured class, and Mme Conrad, a solo competitor, that of the women!

From Match-l'Intran (France), 10 Feb 1931:

For Tissot the critérium des Porteurs de Journaux

The arrival of Tissot, beating Lenoir in the final meters.
The front group, led by Jamin (Paris-Soir), followed by Garaudet (Intran), arrives at the gare de Lyon
At the Lion de Belfort, Lenoir leads Garaudet, followed by Jamin and Tissot.
At the finish, M. Morinaud congratulates the winner, escorted by the Muse de Montmartre and Albert Préjean.

unknown riders during the race

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