the motobecane porteur

id wanted a "porteur" bike for quite some time when this one popped up on french ebay... sure, its not a high-zoot herse or singer or even a goeland or whatever, but i couldnt resist. and besides, the fenders out-style anything on the road. miraculously enough, quasi-fixed the front drum brake, so now i can actually stop, rather than merely slowing to 2 mph and then having the rear brake make this horrible noise like a herd of elephants, echoing and amplified through the fenders. truly awful, beleive you me. the original taillight basically fell apart, so i replaced that with a soubitez catalux 6 taillight/reflector that i dug up, and replaced the plastic platform pedals that were on it with a set of lyotard 460ds. the soubitez 89n generator bloc, despite having been brought back to life with a little oil, needs a replacement, cause the nut that would allow me to change the front light bulb is rusted on, so whenever that bulb dies, the generator is dead. on the style points scale, this bike, despite its low-end-ness, rates a massive 9. plus, i finally have a bike i can ride in non-bike shoes!

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